(A Non-Profit Organization)

The Avoyel-Taensa Tribe understands the need to work together with the community. That is why our tribe is setting up more programs right now to accommodate both tribal and community members of all ages.

Children: Plans are being made for field trips to such locations as Poverty Point (which happens to contain some of the largest prehistoric earth works in North America) as well as many other sites of interest.

Anyone: Soon persons will be able to come and take part in our tribal Indian culture classes as well as arts and crafts. Sports participation will also be open to the community as well as our tribal members and may come as a volunteer or a sponsor, i.e. baseball, basketball, etc.

Senior Citizens: Programs for the elderly are also under way to include, visits to shut-ins and provide assistance where possible.

Fund Raisers: Of course these programs do not fund or run themselves. Therefore, from time to time we hold fund raisers to help raise money to help these programs continue along. We can always use community and tribal member involvement to help out as needed. Volunteers are always needed as hosts or helpers to serve in such functions as our car wash, garage sale, raffle ticket sales, BBQ Lunch sales, Fish Fry sales, etc.

Open Invitation: Persons wanting to volunteer their time or resources with any of these programs can contact our office at (318) 240-8424, any assistance would be greatly appreciated by our tribe and our community as well, thanks.